Choosing fresh produce and organic choices can help you feel better while saving the environment. Regardless of what dying, you’re in; organic food is a smart priority.

Not only does organically grown produce taste better, but it is also free of chemicals, 10x more nutrition and provides a sustainable sustenance.

Here are the top 8 benefits of going organic that you will enjoy.

You can avoid being exposed to harmful chemicals

Consuming organic foods is the best way to avoid eating toxic chemicals and poisons that are included in commercial food products. With over 600 active chemicals registered for agricultural use today, the average amount of chemical pesticides consumed per person each year is sixteen pounds.

In fact, most of these chemicals were already approved by the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency before undergoing extensive testing. According to the National Academy of Sciences, over 90% of chemicals are reported to have been applied to products without the tests for long-term effects on health. More tests from the FDA also reveal that only 1% of foods are tested for pesticide residue.

You can gain more benefits from nutrients

Organic foods have more nutrients that include minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and micronutrients. These are all commercially grown due to soil that is nourished with sustainable practices.

Studies from the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine also reveal the nutritional value of organic produce. The study also verifies that just five servings of organic vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, carrots, potatoes and cabbage can provide an adequate amount of vitamin C while commercially grown produce does not.

Organic food is known to taste better than processed foods. This is due to the well-balanced and nourished soil that produces strong, healthy plants.

You can avoid GMO

GMO, otherwise known as genetically modified organisms are quickly invading our food supply faster than ever before. In America, GMO foods do not have to be labeled. Therefore, consumers will not be aware of what exactly goes into what they eat. Organic food is not genetically modified. The only way you can be sure of eating clean is to stay away from GMO products in your diet.

You can avoid consuming antibiotics, hormones, and drugs found in animal products

Commercial products like meat and dairy contain the highest food contaminants. Over 90% of pesticides are found in the tissue and fat of meat products. Growth hormones and drugs are directly passed into meat products as over tens of millions are used in animal feed each year.

Some of the major concerns for consumers include the early start of puberty tumor growth, higher risk of developing cancer, and other genetic-related problems.

Reduce the risk of diabetes

Aside from working as obesogens, pesticides are also linked the massive growth in diabetes. Based on genetics and obesity, these are the two biggest facts in diabetes. Certain pesticides may cause interference with our bodies and how it works. Our bodies work to produce insulin.

You can avoid these harmful pesticides by switching to organic foods

Keep away from synthetic fragrances, gel-coated medications, and items that contain phthalates.

Organic produce is known for its anti-aging properties

The process of factory farming involves raising thousands of animals in a small space that is often cramped and filthy. The unsanitary methods of farming animals had led to questionable techniques prevent e. Coli and other forms of bacteria from entering the food supply.

For example, factory-farmed chickens are known to be washed in chlorine that contains more than thirty times the chlorine of a swimming pool. According to factory farmers, the chlorine odor is masked to keep the moisture. The chickens are also injected with water and phosphate solution. This can lead to the risk of weak bones, chronic kidney disease, and premature aging.

Reduce pollution while protection our soil and water supply

As more agricultural toxins are contaminating the environment, these toxins are poisoning our water supply, destroying our natural earth and more. With the significant loss of species today, over 75% of the agricultural diversity has been lost. Leaning heavily on one or two varieties is a formula for disaster.


With the increased reliance on machinery and pesticides, farms are getting used to cutting back on labor while growing. When combined, this becomes the formula for increasing profits for farmers. Organic farms have an average of $600 in net per acre every year. According to research from the UN, organic farms provide 30% more jobs than factory farms.

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