Considering on becoming an organic gardener or want to learn how to enhance your gardening skills? Check out these top books that provide information on organic farming.

The Organic Farming Manual

This handy manual offers a comprehensive manual to organic farming. You will find everything you need to know about managing a certified organic farm of any shape or size. This book offers useful tips and advice for beginners as well as experienced farmers. The manual covers information on growing crops, marketing, soil management, animals, machinery and more.

Organic Dairy Production

As one of the few in its market, the Organic Dairy Production book is the dedication to helping farmers learn more about raising organic milk. The book provides advice and information based on manure management, pasture management, grazing, feed requirements, proper habitat, selling and more.

Additionally, the book is produced by NOFA, which features useful details on available operations.

The New Organic Grower

If you are looking for useful tools and techniques for small-scale farms, this is the perfect book for you. The book includes tips cover the basics of organic gardening. From finding land, building suitable soil, rotating plants, compost and green manure. You will find in-depth topics that also go way beyond the aspects of organic farming.

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