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Formed and started in 2005, the company began as a small family investment and has evolved in a big way over time through creativity innovation and determination. It was initially started to hurdle poverty crisis and has since expanded its boundaries and is now one of the most renown distributors of legitimate products mainly foods and drinks health supplements. The company has with its growth ventured into other fields like hotels and real estate development.

What Is Kyani? – Kyani Products

Four of their most profound products, branded by the company name, kyani, constitute the bigger portion of the company. These include kyanite sunset, Nitro, Sunrise and Nitro Xtreme with a varying distributor, retail and consumer price for each of the products.

Kyani sunrise- it’s a combination of the Alaskan Blueberry and 16 other super foods to be taken in mornings to keep you energetic all day long. These berries from Alaska in a product also known as kyani have 5 times more antioxidants than ordinary blueberries.

Kyan sunset- comes in a bottle containing 90 gels containing Omega 3 from the Alaskan salmon, tocotrienols, and beta-carotene these give a general health boost and are taken in evenings for max benefits.

Kyani Nitro FX- packed in a 56ml bottle, main components being nitrate which the body uses to make Nitric Oxide useful for digestion, blood circulation, helps with inflammations. It can be used to attain a fit and active body where there is a shortage of exercise time.

Kyani Nitro Xtreme- also in a 56ml bottle, the main ingredients of the supplement is Nitrate, magnesium, niacin, chromium, and zinc. Mainly used to bolster stamina and enhance energy production in the body.

The legitimacy of their products is unshaken with very few complaints if any. Kyani is simply an MLM home business company. Their main product has however been

Benefits Of Their Products

Its products are popular for their endless lit of benefits they accrue to the users including; increased immunity and stamina building, reducing general body pain, helpful in blood sugar moderation, enhance oxygen supply to tissues. The products also come in handy for arthritis and diabetic patients and boost cholesterol levels if need be.

Being completely organic products, they have no severe side effects, can be used by patients with chronic diseases and are not age or gender sensitive,]. Anyone can use them.

The only disadvantage of the firms’ product it the fact that they have only been able to develop four products in this field.

Side Effects Of Their Product

No specific side effects have been reported and confirmed to be the result of using these products. In fact, users have only commended and recommended these to other praising their efficiency. The products have been recommended mostly for people struggling with blood pressure, diabetes, cancer or people just aiming at enhancing their general health.

How To Use

The products are completely easy to use with no strictness in the administration. The sunrise, for instance, can be taken even before breakfast in the morning, 3 sunset soft gels before bed or after supper, the nitro, on the other hand, could be taken even five times a day.

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